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                    3 STEPS TO SUCCESS



This program is for those that maybe going back into the work field  after some time off and are not feeling as confident as they once did, or  someone who needs to explore some new options for a career change  but doesn't know where to begin, or someone who has a dream  or passion that they want to fulfill but need a coach partnership to make it real.


This is for 5 sessions, together we will cover the 3 Step Program.  You will go from being stuck of what to do and/ or  what you really want , to having a forward action plan after discovering your purpose, your desire, and your values. You will see your choices clearly and be prepared with tools needed to obtain your new career.  I promise to take the journey to your success with you each step of the way.



  1. First we will uncover your needs, wants and passions, along with your values and create a mission statement  and action plan.       We will help you find your inner values or those that are missing. Uncovering core beliefs, values, and ideas about what you wish to express.


  2. Next we will create the outer experience of your choices. Explore all options to know what is best for you at this time in your life. Followed by Concrete skills like resume, interview preparation, career image, self- perceptive level. 


  3. Create a forward action plan that is doable and clear w/ accountability, removing GAILS and blocks to  success of goals set. 











I will help you connect to your “inner blueprint” of your life and help you see the power of choosing to listen and follow your inner truth, purpose and passion.




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