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"Business Game Changers" Coaching Club
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PRE-LAUNCH rate is ONLY  $75. a month and will remain this price for those that sign up during our prelaunch period.  After Jan 2nd. new memberships are $100. a month.

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Why a Membership Coaching Club?

Hello Game Changers and Future Members,

My name is Andrea Pollara and I will lead you to success with confidence... one topic and one skill at a time. Trust me, this is what I do and what I love to teach others.


I have been coaching people on many topics and covering a handful of top niches for over 10 years as a private professional certificate coach.

I have my own private practice since 2012  and have worked with hundreds of men and women all over the country.

My coach practice allowed me to work on on one, with teams, companies, managers, owners and several organizations. I create and run workshops, I present and speak at events, organize networking opportunities,  and donate time and info to selected business groups.

I made it easy for you by doing the leg work already. 

I learned first hand the hot topics and the needed skills in business to succeed. I learned what makes some people soar and what holds others back. So, I decided to make my knowledge affordable to everyone, and keep it easy to get it fast by doing this group on zoom and keeping it to only 30 mins. Can't get easier for you than that. 

This is going to be amazing to coach anyone and everyone who wants to grow, learn and do things better, smarter, faster and with class , integrity and professionalism, while having fun and not being stressed about what to do, when to do what, or how  to do it right..... I simply  took all the worry out and am going to share the top nuggets needed on the top topics with the tools and skills every great leader needs to succeed. IF YOU ARE READY TO ROCK IT, sign up.

Hope to see you in our club.


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