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There is nothing more rewarding than the feedback from satisfied clients, or seeing how my coaching had a direct impact on another persons life, or the referral of a friend or family member. 

Thank you  with great appreciation to all my clients who shared with me and others your experience with


Andrea has helped me take my business to new heights.  I wear many hats, like most professionals in my industry, and she gave me the clarity I needed with poignant questions and being a great listener.  Her feedback focused me on my objectives and goals, and how to act toward them with purpose.  The lesson on time management helped me tremendously and was my biggest takeaway from the coaching.  She gave me my work-life back and my personal life back!  I have worked with other coaches before, and I can confidently say she’s THE best I’ve ever worked with.  An added bonus with Andrea, you can tell she truly cared about my journey and my ultimate success.  It’s hard to find someone with that kind of genuine heart, where I truly believed she was there for me, and not for her.  Her sessions are packed with information and I always come away with one idea to implement immediately to move the needle in my business a little bit more every time.    She’s taught me invaluable lessons about myself, and how to think, that will promote the growth of my business, enrich my life, and fast-track the manifestation of my dreams and aspirations!



Morgage Professional & President of Local Charity



 Having a coach is great but with Andrea it is priceless! People invest money to start businesses, but really investing in yourself is the start to living not only the most profitable life but also the most fulfilling life for you and your family.


Working with the #1 training company in the world, I have been exposed to many coaching classes on life and business but coaching with Andrea is different. 

Her insight and knowledge, the ELI Assessment tool she uses that's shows you you what you are currently doing that is either working for you or against you, and her life experience is incredible.

Andrea is personally attached  to your success. She genuinely has your best interest top of mind. She will hold you accountable to reach your goals and consistently reminds you how reaching those goals will change your life. 

 If you want to start living the life you always dreamed of, I can't think of a better place than hiring Andrea as your coach today!.

                                 Marisa F, 27

    Real Estate Broker NJ &  Fla

Coach Andrea is unbelievable at what she does! I had taken on a new position that required me to hit the ground running and start producing results quickly. She helped me to manage my life more efficiently both professionally and personally. She also taught me how to step outside of my comfort zone by getting to the root of the fear that was blocking me from moving forward. I believe she has a gift for listening and getting to the heart of your needs extremely quick. She blows me away!!

 What I love the most about Andrea is that I know she is a genuine person that truly cared about me and my success in every aspect of my life. I'm truly blessed to have met her and hired her!!

                                                            Wendy L,

                                                            Loan Officer

I had been thinking about using a business coach to help me develop my law practice for a few years, but found all I had met to have a generic one-size fits all approach. I decided to work with Andrea because she takes the effort to find out about who her clients are which, helps her to more effectively reach them. in six months working with her, she has helped me to make small changes that have had a dramatic impact on my botton line and professional quality of life. I recommend Andrea to anyone looking to break through to the next level in their professional life. 

                               Kevin, Attorney


When I met with Andrea I felt so comfortable sharing my thoughts with her right away.  It has now been three months that I am being coached by Andrea and since then I changed the company I work for and made many other positive changes in my life, in both personal and professional areas. 

Debbie, 49


   Kristopher D., Business Sales

Since starting my sessions with Andrea's hands down my entire business and personal life has changed in ways I never could have ever expected. I was not ever open to the coaching idea but after a few sessions with Andrea, I knew I had been foolish for not starting with her earlier in my career. I could only imagine how much further I would be in my field if I had! Andrea has a great approach for helping people on all levels of life. I will be using Andrea for many years to come.

Having a coach surprised me on moving forward faster and clearer than I expected. Coach Andrea made it easy to set my own paths with an organized well-thought manner.

 I grew with the coaching she provided by becoming my confident in myself and my actions.

Andrea's personality and style alone is pleasant enough to inspire and energize you. She makes you feel and become a DOER!

 Her concepts made me accountable to see my actions and help me reach my goals. I strongly recommend her as a professional coach because " You just can't be all you can be, without a great life coach!"


Thanks for making all the difference in my life, Andrea.


Andrew B., Orthopedic Consultant  and

Top Producing Sales Rep

On Behalf of the Soroptimist International Of Toms River, I would like to thank you.


Mary promised us a dynamic speaker and you are that and more! We very much appreciated your passion and spirit, your problem-solving skills, and your genuine interest in our group and organization. Many challenges are ahead of us. Your ideas, suggestions, and passion could not have been shared with us at a better time. 


Cindy L., Secretary


Coaching with Andrea Pollara was a very personal approach and the main theme each session is always on self-awareness.


Since coach sessions began I was able to reduce my working hours, add more vacation time, and inspire me to do more for business and personal growth.  I used to be annoyed and aggravated just heading into work every day, now I am smiling and happy.


 Andrea personal approach is to help you understand who you are and what you need vs mapping out a business plan/schedule that may not fit my mold. The accountability was a huge part of progressing, whether it was the financial obligation or just the idea of holding my word... either way it was what I needed. 


I would certainly recommend Andrea because she works around each person's character. I 've done coaching previously and every other coach set a plan that was the same for every person. The difference with Andrea is that she makes you figure out what needs to be done. You are the one who creates the plan with her help. I think there is nothing more valuable than having a coach.


Another point to mention is when I was "stuck" on a topic, she allowed me to come to realize what I needed without forcing it on me, it was more of an organic approach. My greatest takeaway was the more self-awareness the better you can become. Ignorance is not always bliss.




Top Producing National Morgage Broker



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