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Andrea F. Pollara

Andrea F. Pollara  CPC, ELI-MP

Certified Professional Coach 

Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner 

Founder and CEO,  Andrea Pollara Coaching


Hello! Let me take a moment to share what I do and who I am with you. My name is Andrea Pollara and I am a Certified Personal Life and Business Leadership Coach and A Energy Leadership Master Practitioner. I am certified by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). One of the largest ICF accredited schools in the world.


I was born and raised at the Jersey Shore and spent the first part of my adult life in growth provoking and successful  careers which  included working as an Educator, Mentor, Grant Liaison, Sales Leader,  Sales Rep,  Image Consultant and a National Trainer, when I came to realize my true passion was all of those careers in one, helping people tap into what had heart and meaning for them in their work and lives. I slowly transitioned out of the business and the education arena and started my own coaching practice. There is where I was able to help people look within and rediscover what it was they truly connected with and what purposeful things they were meant to do in their lives and then execute the personalized plan of action to achieve those dreams.

In 2007 I first started coaching mainly businesswoman to create career plans for them to achieve personal goals for themselves and their families. I later expanded my expertise in working with people who feel they are at a crossroads in life, who have fulfilled a certain chapter in their careers and are ready to create their next stage of life that is fulfilling, challenging and purposeful.


My interests expanded to coach teens as well in areas as self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, adapt to constant social changes and good decision-making skills.  


My core niche' is coaching small businesses owners, managers, team leaders or individual salespeople. On topics such as Productivity, Time Management, Life Balance, Emotional Intelligence, Communications, Influence of others, Problem Solving, Removing Barriers to Success and so much more. Due to my background in sales and business, my expertise comes as second nature in all aspects of business growth.


I must say with each evolution of my life, I gain a greater appreciation for how hard change and accountability can be and I am passionate when it comes to helping others believe in their own potential to live their fullest and most purposeful lives.  Some of my backgrounds is in Education, Sales, a Motivational Speaker, Facilitator, Mentor, Businesswoman,  Makeup Artist and Image Consultant, Team Leader, a Life Coach and my hardest and most awarding job has been being a single mother to my beautiful daughter Jessica.


A bit on me, I have a quick intuitive personality with a flair for light humor on serious subjects. I have a gift for seeing objectives as steps away from solutions and guiding others to create the tools needed to reach their goals with excitement.  I am an easy going professional who is open-minded and non-judging. I am always straightforward and honest and love to empower others to see their potentials, talents, and dreams come to life.


My passion is to share the secrets that lie within each of us to have a balanced, strong and healthy life, full of abundance and happiness!


Working with the #1 training company in the world, I have been exposed to many coaching classes on life and business but coaching with Andrea is different. 

Her insight and knowledge, the ELI Assessment tool

she uses, and her life experience is incredible.


Marissa, 27


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