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About this:

Come learn with Coach Andrea how people achieve balance in both their personal and business life by leaning the power of "THE SIX SECRETS" that will change your life and bring you the balance, focus and clarity that is needed for change. 

This will be a fun and very rewarding coaching experience that you will be grateful you invested in because you will work on what you need to do and understand so you to can achieve a happy, healthy and wealthy life that brings much less stress and much more happiness to your daily life. I will teach you how to achieve it. 

You will learn:

  • The Six Influencers

  • The importance of each

  • Discover which ones are needed for yourself

  • How to achieve the changes after you reveal them

  • Why the Influencers will change your life

  • Begin to enjoy the results!

This is covered in 4 one hour sessions. 

"The Six Secrets to a Balanced Life"

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