Relationship Coaching

  • Trust
  • Boundaries
  • Communication
  • Mutual Support
  • Friendship
  • Sexuality
  • Honesty
  • Intimacy
  • Co-dependency
  • Beliefs
  • Family issues

" Relationship is an art.

The dream that two create is more difficult to master than one. To keep the two of you happy, you have to keep your half perfect."

Don Miguel Ruiz- The Mastery of Love

 Some frequently asked questions :


Q- What are Couples Coaching and how does it work? 


A-  It is a powerful style of making changes as an individual and as a couple. It allows the couple to have more clarity on what is healthy and not healthy in your current relationship and what it can be and what it can't be and why. So it is about having clarity on your relationship gaps and what your relationship is missing, how this impacts your life and energy, what could be different, and how to fill the gaps. 



Q- How do you determine what we need?

A- We use a proven process which combines tools to gather some information such as Value Assessments, the 6 Influences, the 3 Step Process, and an ELI Assessment etc. along with the training and skills of working with a qualified Professional Trained Coach. Having both brings great awareness and allows the coach to bring results needed to each couple seeking help for changes. The arena we help create is a safe and open place to share dreams, desires, needs along with fears, blocks, challenges and limiting beliefs. 



Q- Do all sessions have to be done with my partner or can  I just work with you alone to help myself first? 


A-  Both are valuable for different reasons.  Your welcome to start where you are most comfortable. There are times that one on one sessions are needed while working with a couple,  each couples situation is customized to their unique situation. The most important relationship within every relationship is with yourself to value and enjoy other relationships for what they truly offer.  A great way to begin to shift the energy in your current life is with awareness and changes in your self. 



Q- What makes  Couples Coaching powerful and result driven and different than Counseling? 


A- The biggest difference with Coaching vs Marriage Counseling is that coaching is based on forwarding action, awareness,  core changes, removing the obstacles and fears we all face in our lives that affect our energy and our outcomes in our daily life and relationships.


We also hold our clients to accountability to do the work needed that is layered out and discussed together through the entire coaching process set forth for your success.  Coaching is a partnership between the Professional Coach and the clients. 



Q- How many sessions or weeks do you typically need for results?


A-I always recommend a minimum of 6 solid sessions/weeks to work with any couple to make core changes that last, not a temporary band-aid. The choice is always up to my clients. 

Of course, each situation can vary on how many topics are being addressed, but changes can happen right away and usually do. With a Professional Coach who specializes in relationships and setting up new boundaries, understandings and goals with a couple will bring new changes as soon as they are put into action.



Q- How long are the sessions?


A- One hour if working with one at a time and up to an  hour and a half if working with both. Can be decided in a consultation. 


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